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Car Shipping To and From Wyoming

Planning a move or trip can be stressful. Don’t add to the stress by driving your vehicle for countless hours. We can take care of that part for you! Auto shipping companies have the equipment and know-how to make vehicle transport in Wyoming stress-free.

Keep in mind that not all auto transport companies are made equal. AmeriFreight has two decades of experience and boasts high reviews on all platforms. We are bonded, licensed, and insured and carefully vet the carriers that ship your vehicle.

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The State of Wyoming

Wyoming is located in the Mountain West subregion of the country, bordered by the states of Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado. The state has one of the nation's greatest national parks, Yellowstone, home to the largest hot spring in the United States, Devils Tower, and the iconic Old Faithful Geyser. 

Wyoming has so much to offer and enjoy that let's check out some of the greatest things to see and do around the Equality State.

Culture and Art

In Wyoming, the Western spirit is still present. You can enjoy your trip learning about the tribes that reside on the seventh-largest Indian reserve in the United States. There are multiple ways to explore the Old West in the Cowboy State, from stories of renowned criminals like Butch Cassidy and pioneers like Buffalo Bill Cody to contemporary ranchers and rodeo athletes.

Get to know more about:

  • Cowboy culture

  • Native American culture

  • Trailblazing women

  • Ranches

  • Historic sites

  • Rodeos

  • Western migration

food and drink

Food and Drink

Wyoming is full of professional chefs, brewers, and winemakers. You can also taste famous local juicy bison burgers and hand-crafted beers. Both large and small communities provide food and beverages to suit every taste!

Top Tourist Attractions

  • Yellowstone National Park 

The earliest and oldest national park in the world is Yellowstone, which was created in 1872. One of the most breathtaking wilderness places on earth may be found there. Grizzly and black bears, gray wolves, elk, antelope, trumpeter swans, and magnificent bald eagles are among the plentiful wildlife that lives across the valleys. 

The park also holds natural creations and elements that will blow your mind. Geysers that hiss, mud pots that bubble, and hot springs that steam reveal were formed millions of years ago and can still be seen today. You can also enjoy the view of natural Waterfalls that fall down cliffs and miles of rivers and lakes. Old Faithful, Yellowstone Lake, and Lower Falls' jaw-dropping waterfalls are a few of Yellowstone National Park's features.

  • Grand Teton National Park

This park is one of the most famous across the entire state of Wyoming. Mountains are the main attraction of the site, which are located in the northwest of the state and were created millions of years ago when the earth's crust collapsed, forming 12 peaks that rise beyond 12,000 feet. Grand Teton, the tallest of them, rises 13,770 feet above sea level.

  • Hot Springs State Park 

Hot Springs State Park is the perfect place to stop for a soothing bath for all hot water lovers since it is built around the biggest single mineral hot spring in the whole globe. Bathhouses receive the steaming mineral water from Big Spring and maintain it at a consistent temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. At the State Bath House or in the two outdoor pools, you may relax in the warm water.

  • Devils Tower National Monument 

Devil's Tower National Monument is a jewel of a geological formation located above the Belle Fourche River and the eastern plains of Wyoming by more than 1,200 feet. The Devils Tower Visitor Center describes the geology of this wonder of volcanic flattops and presents the history and culture of the region.

Following your visit to the monument, you may walk along the eight kilometers of nature paths surrounding the rock. You´ll be astonished by the abundance of wildflowers in the spring and early summer that make it an amazing picture opportunity.


Major Cities in Wyoming

  • Cheyenne

  • Jackson

  • Casper

  • Laramie

  • Cody