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Car Shipping To and From Rhode Island

Planning a move or trip can be stressful. Don’t add to the stress by driving your vehicle for countless hours. We can take care of that part for you! Auto shipping companies have the equipment and know-how to make vehicle transport in Rhode Island stress-free.

Keep in mind that not all auto transport companies are made equal. AmeriFreight has two decades of experience and boasts high reviews on all platforms. We are bonded, licensed, and insured and carefully vet the carriers that ship your vehicle.

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The State of Rhode Island

Rhode Island is the perfect paradise for summer. The state, well known for its amazing sandy shores, seasides, splendid ocean and towns, is a favorite vacation and relocation spot for residents all over the nation. Rhode Island is home to beautiful cities including Newport, and Providence (its capital and home to prestigious Brown University).  

With so much to do and enjoy in Rhode Island, let’s see all the amazing things the state has to offer for visitors. Let’s go!

Food and Drink

Rhode Island is popular for having delicious food and drink of all types. From farm-to-table eateries to traditional iconic comfort cuisine noted by publications like The New York Times, Gourmet, Travel + Leisure, and others, the state is definitely considered a culinary spot for food-lovers. Fresh-local food straight from the Atlantic Ocean is offered all year round for locals and tourists, as well as spectacular breweries, distilleries, and wineries that are innovative and have won stunning awards.

food and drink


Rhode Island is well known for being a perfect spot for surfing, parasailing, kayaking and diving. Amazing opportunities for water activities are found all across the state’s different towns. The National Geographic named it as the best adventure destination, since its endless coastline offers the best opportunities and scenery for all kayak and canoe-lovers out there. 

Surfing is another favorite for water sports enthusiasts, since the state’s wild seas are perfect for learning and becoming a professional surfer during the summer. And, if you love the water’s undergrounds, then don’t miss scuba diving rhode island’s sea.

Family Fun

Families are more than welcomed to Rhode Island thanks to all the activities that the state offers for them. From incredible beaches, bike paths, ice cream stands, kid-friendly restaurants and children’s museums, Rhode Island has numerous activities for all ages. 

  • Beaches: Visit Andy’s Way, Baby Beach, Blue Shutters Town Beach, or Bristol Town Beach with your kids. 

  • Go on a trip with your family to Block Island, Roger Williams Park Zoo, or a trip in a boat across Providence.

family fun

Top Tourist Attractions

  • The Breakers Museum, Newport

Cornelius Vanderbilt constructed Newport's most renowned and extravagant Gilded Age house in 1895, reflecting the unfathomable riches of the Vanderbilt family. The 70-room Italian Renaissance was constructed with imported French and Italian marble.

  • Cliff Walk, Newport

One of the most preferred activities in Newport is walking along the rocky beach, where you can see waves breaking on the rocks below as well as the gardens and sea-facing the houses above. 

  • Roger Williams Park Zoo, Providence 

In the zoo, you’ll be able to see snow leopards, zebras, alligators, wildebeest, giraffes, elephants, kangaroos, red pandas, and dozens of other local and exotic animals at the 40-acre zoo in a setting that inspires both children and adults to learn more about them, their behaviors, and their environment.

  • Providence Performing Arts Center

Beyond its visual beauty, the theater is a top-notch performing arts venue and the second-largest of its type in the nation. The center often hosts excellent national Broadway tours, many of which use it as the launch venue for their first performance.

Major Cities in Rhode Island

  • Providence (state capital)

  • Newport

  • Westerly

  • Narragansett