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AmeriFreight Discounts for Our Customers

We offer discounts on сar shipping for military, senior
citizens, students, police, and firefighters

AmeriFreight provides car shipping discounts to many members of our first-responders and military. Additionally, we offer discounts to senior citizens and students. Look below for the list of qualifying situations!

Typical Auto Transport and Car Shipping Discounts

Type Amount Requirement
Military $35 Per request
First Responders $35 Employment ID copy
Medical Personnel $35 Medical ID copy
Student $25 Student ID copy
Senior Citizens $25 Copy of license
Early Bird $35
48 hours after quote
Return Customer $50 Proof of previous order
Multiple vehicles $50 Off every additional vehicle

Not including the multiple vehicle discount, a discount can only be added once to any order that meets the requirements. Orders may qualify for a single discount (except the Early Bird discount which stacks). The discount is taken off the deposit. The discounted rate only applies after validation.


  • A clear and eligible personal picture ID (government-issued), preferably a driver’s license or passport
  • A valid, current Student Card or Member ID if with the Police or Emergency Services
  • An email from a .mil email address will suffice for a  military discount
  • Discounts are given as a credit once valid proof of identity and other requirements have been submitted
  • AmeriFreight reserves the right to cancel any discounts should irregularity be discovered in the required documentation. The customer will then be responsible to pay the full price before the discount was applied.
  • There is a minimum deposit level that discounts cannot drop below. See your agent for more details.

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AmeriFreight vs the Competition – A Cost Comparison

When it comes to quality, we are offering you the best-in-class service, along with a staff that you will be glad to work with. Our high BBB rating reflects our dedication. However, we understand that just high-quality service isn’t enough – many of you are going to be on a budget.

Stemming from our humble beginnings as an auto transport company running out of a house with two employees, we haven’t forgotten about our core values; one of them being customer satisfaction. And a huge part of achieving that satisfaction level is offering a good price.

We offer auto shipping discounts for senior citizens, students, police, military, and firefighters. This also means that you will get some of the best quotes in the US, no matter the distance!

Having said that, the longer your route, the more cost-effective we become. For better insights on how much it will cost to ship your car, we recommend you visit our rate calculator page.

Our regard for you as a customer is also reflected in the return customer discount, showing that you mean a lot more to us than what meets the eye!

For our military and first responders, we salute you! Thank you for your service. We offer $35 discounts for the people who serve us. We are proud to serve you and to be the shipper of choice for many units and teams. We love moving your personal autos, and we love the occasional military vehicle shipment.

For students and senior citizens, we recognize you may be under unique financial pressures. We offer $25 discounts for you.

Medical personnel is given a $35 discount during this COVID-19 pandemic. They are constantly risking themselves for others, and we want to try to give back in some way.

Customers who make an order with us within 48 hours after receiving a quote are given a special ‘Early-Bird” discount of $35. This unique discount is the only one that may stack with other discounts!

And lastly, we LOVE our repeat customers. We are fortunate to have many repeat customers so we offer them the largest discount, $50.