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Car Shipping To and From Vermont

Planning a move or trip can be stressful. Don’t add to the stress by driving your vehicle for countless hours. We can take care of that part for you! Auto shipping companies have the equipment and know-how to make vehicle transport in Vermont stress-free.

Keep in mind that not all auto transport companies are made equal. AmeriFreight has two decades of experience and boasts high reviews on all platforms. We are bonded, licensed, and insured and carefully vet the carriers that ship your vehicle.

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The State of Vermont

Vermont is a spectacular state well known for its beautiful forested landscapes, a major maple syrup producer, and home to more than 19th-century wooden bridges. The state is covered by stunning green mountains, hiking trails, and ski locations. Commonly nicknamed “The Green Mountain State,” Vermont is an amazing tourist destination and relocation point.


When Vermont joined the original 13 colonies to become the 14th state, Vermont's history officially started in 1791. Its name is a tribute to the 67 mountains and states that give our region its morphology and breathtaking vistas, "Les Monts Verts," which is French for "Green Mountains." New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Canada, and New York are all about the Green Mountain State. It is 157.4 miles long, 90.3 miles broad at the Canadian border, and 41.6 miles long at the border with Massachusetts. The Connecticut River serves as the eastern border, while more than half of Lake Champlain's length serves as the western border with New York.


Culture and Art

From the southern border to the Champlain Islands: chamber music in opera buildings, bluegrass in fields, and even a circus can be seen around this magnificent state. Also, you’ll be able to explore amazing artistic performances, exhibitions, festivals, and incredible events!

Top Tourist Attractions

  • Stowe

Stowe is a must-see place in Vermont thanks to its covered bridge, white-spired church, worn-out farms, and ski tracks down the hillside. Also, the place is well known for being traditionally famous for skiing, including a Ski Museum where you can get to know more deeply about the sport. 

  • Church Street Marketplace 

Church Street is located in the center of Burlington, and although is just four blocks long, the place creates a large, traffic-free area for public events and street life, even in the winters of Vermont. In addition to the events planned throughout the year, there are sidewalk cafés, benches, and public artworks, and the buildings nearby are home to various stores, eateries, and boutiques. For most people, the place resembles an Italian piazza in the summer when everyone is outside.

  • Burlington Bike Path and Waterfront Park

From Oakledge Park north to the Winooski River, eight miles of Burlington's Lake Champlain coastline is seen across the area. Also, there is a route for runners and walkers with seats at strategic locations that provide the greatest views of the lake. Along its middle part, a boardwalk connects numerous parks that mark the seashore. 

  • Visit a Maple Farm

Vermont is the leading producer of maple syrup in the country because of the maple trees that cover the entire state. From late February to early April, when the sugar houses are thoroughly boiled and you can taste the golden syrup being created, is the best time to visit for the whole maple experience.


Major Cities in Vermont

  • Burlington

  • Montpellier

  • Stowe

  • Randolph 

  • Rutland