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Car Shipping To and From Nevada

Planning a move or trip can be stressful. Don’t add to the stress by driving your vehicle for countless hours. We can take care of that part for you! Auto shipping companies have the equipment and know-how to make vehicle transport in Nevada stress-free.

Keep in mind that not all auto transport companies are made equal. AmeriFreight has two decades of experience and boasts high reviews on all platforms. We are bonded, licensed, and insured and carefully vet the carriers that ship your vehicle.

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The State of Nevada

The state of Nevada is not only attractive for its fabulous and entertaining city of Las Vegas but also for its outstanding parks, valleys, deserts, lakes, and silver mines. Nevada is bordered by the states of Oregon, Idaho, California, Arizona, and Utah and is censored as 9th-least densely populated state in the country. 

There are hundreds of things to do and enjoy around Nevada. From spending the night in the casinos to exploring the extraordinary rock formations and desserts, Nevada is one of the most beautiful states in the nation, with thousands of visitors all year round. 

Let’s learn more about Nevada and some of the fave things to do by locals and tourists in such a wonderful state.


This is one of the visitor's faves when visiting The Battle Born State:

  • There are 25 state parks in Nevada, and two national parks.

  • You can hike the alpines in fun tours or by yourself.

  • Explore the alpine lakes. 

  • Climb over the world’s tallest outdoor climbing wall.

  • Take a mountain bike ride.

  • Relax into the most natural springs in the country. 

family fun

Family Fun

All around Nevada, especially in Elko, Reno, Las Vegas and Elly, you can immerse yourself and your kids in the interactive and fun places the state has to offer for family travelers. Some of the best and featured places include:

  • Wilbur D. May Center

  • Las Vegas Natural History Museum 

  • Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum 

  • The Children’s Museum 

  • College of Southern Nevada Planetarium

Top Tourist Attractions

  • Las Vegas Strip

The strip is surrounded by huge buildings, LED and neon lights, extravagant architecture and a lot of entertainment around. Shows, art, attractions, and much more are all around The Strip, one of the most important spots in the city of Vegas. 

  • Downtown Las Vegas

Discover open-air bars, live bands, cafes, hotels, casinos and much more all around Fabulous Las Vegas. Nightlife in the city is even more exciting than day life. Hundreds of stores and entertainment areas are open 24/7, offering amazing experiences for visitors that come from all over the world. 

  • Staying in Las Vegas

Stay at the most traditional, world-known hotels and zones in Las Vegas, so you are able to enjoy every single part of the day and nightlife experiences. 

  • Bellagio

  • The Cosmopolitan

  • Aria

  • Paris Las Vegas

  • The Venetian

  • New York

did you know

Fun Facts

  • The "Sierra Nevada" mountain range inspired the state's name.

  • Nevada, sometimes known as the "Silver State," is the fourth-biggest state in the globe and the greatest gold-producing state in the United States.

  • The Comstock Lode, the greatest silver deposit in America, was discovered in Nevada in 1859.

Major Cities in Nevada

  • Las Vegas

  • Henderson

  • Reno

  • North Las Vegas

  • Paradise