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Car Shipping To and From Louisiana

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The State of Louisiana

Louisiana is an unforgettable state, with a vast mixture of cultures reflected in the state’s unique architecture, people, food, and music. The Pelican State is a history and cultural melting pot, with beautiful New Orleans as its largest city and home to creole food.

Food and Drink

Louisiana’s roots are expressed deep inside the state’s local food, drawn from Spanish, African, Sicilian, Irish, Caribbean, German, French, and American Indian Cultures. 

Tabasco is one of the most popular brands of hot sauce in the world and one of Louisiana's treasures. Tabasco sauce is made from vinegar, tabasco peppers, and salt, produced by the Mcilhenny Company of Avery Island in Louisiana! The brand is 150 years old and is a cultural icon of Louisiana's cuisine in the country and the world.

Food and Drink


Louisiana’s deep history is one of the reasons why thousands of people visit the state yearly. European explorers found their way to the state’s region very early, compared to much of the rest of the continent. As such, Louisiana’s communities are considered one of the oldest in the country. The Choctaw and Chitimacha tribes were populating the region, and now numerous museums contain and educate about Louisiana's history. With hundreds of museums, landmarks, artifacts, historic structures, and art reflecting the state’s past, it is a great place to visit if you are excited about Native American or early explorers’ history.

New Orleans

Probably one of the most culturally significant landmarks in the country, New Orleans is known for being the capital of food, historic architecture, joie de vivre, and tourist attractions. The city has suffered wars, plagues, imperial changes, and even floods. Yet, the city is always charming and happy. 

Visitors are delighted by the elegance of the French Quarter (Vieux Carre), the Garden District, and Uptown. Live Music is present every night on the streets, while creole and cajun cuisine, farmers' markets, and incredible nightlife are always around. No matter the time of the year, New Orleans is always celebrating and transmitting happiness.

Night Out

Mardi Gras Festival

One of the most popular festivals in the country, Mardi Gras (translated as “Fat Tuesday”) in New Orleans, is one of the locals' and tourists' favorite events. Spectacular parades, costumes, food, drink, dancing, and music are part of the show, where you get to experience the best of this fantastic state. Every community in the state has its own version of the festival, but the most remarkable one happens in New Orleans.

Top Tourist Attractions

  • New Orleans French Quarter

The oldest and most well-known district in New Orleans is called the French Quarter. Many of its stunning buildings, some of which are more than 300 years old, have wrought iron balconies that overhang the tourist-heavy walkways below. The French Quarter is a popular destination for tourists interested in sightseeing, shopping, eating, and entertainment. The Mardi Gras festivities draw even more people to the neighborhood.

  • National WWII Museum

The National WWII Museum in New Orleans provides a thorough examination of every facet of the fight, from the difficulties of combat at sea and in the air to the ground war in Europe. "Road to Berlin" is one of the most powerful displays, giving visitors the chance to get immersed in history while seeing meticulously reproduced war zones replete with sights and sounds.

  • Old State Capitol

Visitors passing by are always impressed by the Old State Capitol's Gothic-Revival design. The main entrance is flanked by two enormous towers. The building has a castle-like appearance and is located on a hill in the heart of Baton Rouge with a view of the Mississippi River.

Tourist Attractions
City Scape

Major Cities in Louisiana

  • New Orleans

  • Baton Rouge

  • Bossier City

  • Shreveport

  • Lafayette