The Best Cars for Summer

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The Best Summer Cars to Drive

Summer is definitely everyone's favorite season. The warm weather, sunshine and outdoor activities are what make this time of the year so enjoyable and desired. From family trips to friends' getaways, hitting the roads on summer days while visiting new places is for sure one of the best things to plan for your upcoming days.

When it comes to driving the best car for the summer, there are a bunch of options for you to choose from. Whether you’re planning to buy a new car, borrowing your aunt’s convertible, or renting one for a couple of months, choosing the best summer vehicle will make your driving experience much more enjoyable and amazing. 

Features of A Top Summer Car

You might be wondering what a great summer car means or looks like. There are some unique elements that define a perfect vehicle for the summer, considering size, comfort, style, efficiency and purpose as the main factors. 

For summer family trips, SUVs are great cars, since they provide safeness by a reliable handling, entertainment system, and comfortable seats and views on the inside and outside of the vehicle. But, if your purpose is to travel in a more dynamic and exciting way, sports cars, modern 4x4, or convertible SUVs will be great for you. High speed cars or muscle ones are also amazing vehicles for cruising on hot summer roads with a great tune and fresh breeze. 

Getting Your Summer Vehicle 

As we mentioned before, there are several options for you to get your summer vehicle. No matter if you’re relocating for the summer season, buying a new car in a long-distance location, or simply moving to a new place during this time of the year, getting your vehicle is pretty simple.

If you’re considering buying a new one, keep in mind that buying through reliable car selling websites is crucial. Doing this will guarantee you a successful car buying experience without any inconveniences or doubts about the process. 

You can also opt for shipping your own or someone else's car if you’re staying in a new home during the summer. 

But, if you’re simply looking to drive a cool summer vehicle during the season, then renting could be another option. There are several car rental services in major cities for you to choose from. The downside to this, is that you’ll be driving a car that is not properly yours, you’ll probably be paying more than having your own vehicle, have little options, and you might get distance-limited depending on the car rental company. 

The Best Cars For Riding This Summer

Now that we’ve gone through the main aspects of having a cool summer car, let’s get to know the most recommended for the upcoming season. For those on the entry level, we recommend going for the most traditional ones. 

Beyond Jeeps, Mercedes Benz, Mazda or Volkswagen, there are other great brands for an unforgettable summer drive.

Aston Martin Vantage Roadster

Its minimalist but seductive shape, 503 hp twin-turbo V8 motor, and cool convertible rooftop are definitely the best features for a couple roadtrip on summer days. It’s convertible top is just made for enjoying the fun and fresh breeze while riding empty sunny highways. 

Lamborghini Huracan Spyder

As its name says, this car is a power speed machine. The vehicle’s V-10 engine, suspension, interior appointments and technology are constantly updated by the brand each year. A tour around the beach on summer roads at high speeds is definitely the coolest thing ever in this amazing Lamborghini. 

Land Rover Range Rover 

This is a family favorite when it comes to road tripping during the summer. Original from the 70’s, this car has captured more than one with its safety features and luxury elements. Its robust system is safe for long roads, as well as its full size comfy seats and space in the inner part. This car can ride on any type of road, no matter how treacherous or slippy they could be. 

2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

A 5.2-liter V8 engine with 760 horsepower is definitely one of the most powerful vehicles built by Ford. Its quick speed capacity and high mile coverage makes it perfect for driving long distances in a short amount of time. This Mustang is a great alternative to a luxury, quick vehicle with a great rear wheel drive system for a reasonable price. 

Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Turbo

The five-door vehicle is another amazing option for long roadtrips with family or friends. With a capacity of 616 hp and 220-mile range, the Taycan Cross provides a powerful acceleration and a smooth driving system. And, besides that, its futuristic style and luxury vibe makes it even more fun to drive.

Shipping Your Summer Car

If you need to ship your summer vehicle to your current location, there are certain things you must know before actually doing it. Shipping cars has always been a popular service in the country for those who like to move to their summer homes and spend the season there, or buying a new vehicle from a dealership in another location.

That said, most of these people ship their cars via auto transport during summer months instead of having to drive them for hours or weeks. Land shipping is the most common way to do it, since it’s a lot cheaper, safer, and reliable truck drivers are experienced with it.

However, selecting a reliable shipping company is a must when doing this, since there are tons of auto transport companies out there that offer cheap rates but their team is not as professional or experienced in the industry as it should be. 

Try researching for a while, requesting different quotes, reading customer reviews, and choosing your auto transport company wisely. This way, your summer car will arrive safely at your place. 

Brand New Summer Vehicle Transportation Tips

That shouldn’t be a problem for you if you are hiring the right shipping company. In case you’re worried about your vehicle’s safety or simply wondering if new vehicle shipping is allowed, for a professional auto shipping company your car’s safety is at the top of their list. Oh! And for those thinking about electric car shipping, yes, you can transport them too.

There are different shipping methods depending on your vehicle’s features. If your car is completely new, you can opt for enclosed auto transport. This way, your vehicle will be fully covered and carried on a private hauler to your desired destination. Prices could be a little higher than those on open auto transport, but are totally worth it for this type of situation. 

Open auto transport is recommended for regular vehicles, since they will be loaded onto a standard carrier with 8 more cars, and transported in open haulers. The process is also safe, and base prices are much more affordable, but the damage risk is higher.

All Set to Drive

These are a few examples of the best cars to buy and drive this summer. No matter who goes with you or where you go, getting around on these wild-modern super vehicles is one of the coolest experiences for all car lovers out there. 

If you require vehicle shipping, don’t think twice and contact AmeriFreight. We are a team of experts in the auto shipping industry with thousands of happy customers and excellent rates. Request a quote today!

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