The Best Classic Car Shows Across the Country

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Most Popular Classic Car Shows in the U.S.

Going on a trip to the past with a wide and powerful collection of vintage vehicles is actually one of the best experiences for car enthusiasts. Thousands of classic car shows take place across the U.S. where the antique, luxury, exotic and rare vehicles are readily showcased. Vintage cars are seen as representative of what life in past years and even centuries looked like; where autos in the best condition, functionality, age and style, are the most admired and cherished by vintage car show attendees.

Getting ready for a classic car event takes more time than imagined. Preparing your vehicle, cleaning it, checking everything is under control, as well as defining ways to transport a car, are some of the things you must keep in mind when attending the shows.

Now, we know how much money you’ve put in your classic car, and how important it is to you to keep it in perfect condition before the show. But, despite this, we also know how worried you may be about having to transport your car to the show’s destination. You may start wondering which shipping ways are the most suitable for you and your car, along with expenses, safety, and other important factors that eventually affect your show expectations and results. 

What is The Best Way To Move Classic Cars to The Shows?

Although there are several ways of transporting a vintage car from show to show, shipping it is considered as the best method to do it. Whether you are shipping a car to another state or simply transporting it nearby, moving a classic vehicle to a new destination via common carriers will definitely assure you successful results and service.

You must select a reliable auto transport company to guarantee the transport's success. Great prices, insurance, good customer service and customer reviews, are some of the features you must focus on when choosing a shipping company. Most auto transport companies allow customers to choose between different transport methods depending on their needs and vehicle features. 

At AmeriFreight, we provide open or enclosed auto transport. For classic cars, most of our customers go for enclosed and door-to-door shipping. Why is it? Well, enclosed transport provides an entire coverage of the vehicle in the carrier, where the car will be fully protected from outdoor elements or light brushes with other objects. It guarantees the vehicle’s safety from loading until delivery, since it will just be lifted up and carried in a fully enclosed hauler the entire journey. 

On the other hand, with door-to-door transport, the classic car will be picked up right at your door, allowing you to experience the whole loading process. You’ll get the chance to watch everything, supervise, and even talk to the driver in case you have additional questions or recommendations about the shipping. Also, the vehicle will be delivered to your desired location, where you’ll get to be part of the unloading process as well, and have the opportunity to oversee the entire procedure. 

The Best Classic Car Shows In The Nation

Now that we’ve mentioned how most classic car enthusiasts prepare and move their vehicles to the shows, it’s time to announce the best vintage vehicle events in the country. Races, exhibits, and even parades, gather throngs of people every year to see the most beautiful and vintage vehicles in the country. 

Syracuse Nationals Classic Show, Syracuse, NY

The event features more than 400 cars in non-restored condition. Syracuse Nationals promote a showcase of vehicles where owners can display their cars as they truly are. After restoration, vehicles tend to lose certain traditional features, so the show wants to center and support unique vehicles that are considered a highlight. 

Iola Classic Car Show, Iola, WI

Held in Iola, Wisconsin, the event holds more than 2,500 cars, and offers free admission for original vehicles under the year 1942. The entire show takes place in a 300-acre venue, where enthusiasts gather around to share experiences, thoughts and advice related to their beloved car’s history. 

New York International Auto Show, New York, NY

The event showcases an amazing collection of cutting-edge car designs and automotive innovations that will blow your mind. World-famous manufactures attend the show to feature the newest car models, including trucks. The event takes place yearly at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in the city of New York, where more than 1,000 cars stand on display. 

Hot August Nights, Reno, NV

This show was principally born to celebrate the decades of the 50s and 60s. More than 500,000 spectators attend the event, with over 5,000 cars on display. Drag races, competitions and a sister show are held throughout the event.

Monterey Car Week, Monterey, CA

This is considered to be the largest automobile show in the country, where 10 days are not enough to highlight different car shows, cruise-ins, auctions and vintage races. Widely considered to be the epicenter of the car show universe, this event is held in Monterey, California, at the Monterey Conference Center yearly. 

Radwood, Greenwich, CT

Radwood is a themed car show from the 80s and 90s, where not only rare and expensive models are recognized and celebrated, but custom cars, trucks and bikes from the era are also embraced. That’s what makes the event so unique and special, with an ever-growing popularity of thousands of car enthusiasts that attend every year. 

Pebble Beach Concours D’ Elegance, Pebble Beach, CA

This is an iconic event for the entire automotive industry. The show includes exhibits and races among other amazing and thrilling events for classic cars. The event is split into various sections, like a fundraiser, auction, and a social event, and is best known for displaying Rolls Royces from the 20s, 70-year-old Ferraris, or Aston Martins. The show is a must-see destination for all those true vintage car seekers out there. 

Wells Motor Company Car Show, Avon Park, FL

The show hosts classic and custom car shows every year on behalf of the Wells Motor Company, the dealer of brands such as Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler. More than 150 cars are displayed in the event, and offers free entrance for all attendees and vehicle owners that would like to attend the show. 

An Unforgettable Experience

Whether you’re just simply attending the shows or you’re displaying your own classic car, getting to experience these magnificent events will make you admire the vintage car universe even more. Although most of them require entry tickets, you can buy them online on their official websites or through a qualified ticket distribution company. 

A Few Recommendations

When it comes to moving your car, keep in mind that classic car auto transport is considered by most vintage car owners as the best way to transport such luxury figures, due to the fact that reliable shipping companies offer great prices and guarantee safety for your vehicle during the journey. 

In case you want to request your quote today, you can visit AmeriFreight’s website or call us to chat with one of our agents. You’ll be provided with complete and transparent information about the entire classic car auto transport process. 

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