Shipping Your Car From A Dealership

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Technology is the door to get everything we want at home in just one click. From a simple pair of shoes to a brand-new car, shipping has turned into the best ally for buying anything from anywhere you want within seconds. 

In terms of vehicle selling, dealerships are the ones at the top of the list when it comes to buying a new car. Thanks to car shipping services across the country, now you're able to buy your car at any dealership company and receive it right at your door. Keep scrolling down and discover the best tips to ship your car from a dealership in an easy and safe way. 

Basic things you must know about car dealerships

As you probably already know, car dealerships are a type of vehicle local distribution, that sells new or used cars at retail level, basing their contracts on dealerships with an automaker or sales subsidiary. Buying your car from a dealership, only requires you basic information, budget approximations and documentation ready to make the vehicle you want be totally yours. After that, you’ll have to request a shipping service to transport your vehicle home, and voila! You’ve got it all set. 

Dealership Shipping vs. Shipping By Your Own

Some dealership companies have their own shipping services. By this, we mean they have pre-existing relationships with auto-transport companies that can ship your vehicle right after you buy it. They will offer you free shipping or discounted prices, but the thing is that part of the whole real price is added to your vehicle’s cost without you even knowing it. 

Shipping with an external auto-transport company allows you to have more transport options, such as type of delivery, scheduling and personalized services. Probably looking for the right company and coordinating pickup and delivery times could be more complex, but that will allow you to have a much closer and controlled experience of your vehicle’s transportation. 

Choosing Your Shipping Company

In case you’re thinking on how to ship your vehicle after you buy it from a dealership, let me tell you the process is easy and quick. Whether your car is used or completely new, you're able to transport it across the country to your own home in a few days. By this, you must take several things into account to make it possible. Check the basics of shipping your car from a dealership:

  1. Research a company: Look for a reliable company that suits your needs and budget.
  2. Request a quote: Request different quotes on the companies you selected and compare them
  3. Request a service: After doing your budget and company comparison, select the company you would like to ship your car with and request a service with them.
  4. Car checking: Check your car documents are up to date as well as any exterior or interior scratch or dents and take note of that before the shipment. 
  5. Shipment: Your car will be picked up and loaded into the carriage for transportation. Shipping takes a few days depending on distance and destination.
  6. Pick up your car: After your vehicle arrives at the destination point, it will be inspected again in case anything happens along the road, and you’ll be able to sign the last documents before receiving it. Finally, you’ll be ready to drive your car. 

Tips For Shipping From A Dealership 

Here are some useful tips for you in case you’re interested in requesting a shipping service after you buy your car. They will allow your vehicle to deliver experience to be just the way you want it to. Check them out: 

  1. Check your vehicle's weight: Oversized vehicles are also allowed to ship, but they might be transported in different truck types, called flatbeds, that are not the traditional ones. That’s why you will need to communicate that to your car shipper prior to shipping. 
  2. Take a physical look at the car: It’s crucial that you have your dealership salesperson give an in-person look at the car you want to buy, before making any deal. Sometimes pictures don’t reflect what you actually see in reality, so we recommend asking the dealership for videos. You can even hire someone to do it for you, and find it as a service called “Prepurchase car inspection” in order to make sure everything is the way you want it. 
  3. Notify your dealer about car shipment: Make sure your dealer knows exactly how your shipping process is going to be. Sometimes these companies have issues with outside auto-transport companies because they have their own service provider. 
  4. Coordination Times: Another important step during this process is making sure that the times between buying, shipping and receiving make sense and are correctly coordinated. The dates and hours of your pickup and delivery times should be based on your dealer’s and shipping company availability. 
  5. Schedule Transport Ahead of Time: Scheduling your vehicle’s shipping well in advance, will guarantee your delivery to be successful. A couple of weeks ahead is more than perfect for finding a carrier service available for you.

What affects your shipping costs?

There are several factors that influence your vehicle transport price, which are based mainly on numerical reasons. 

  1. Car size: The larger the car is, the higher the cost of shipping it will be. This is due to accommodation and space considerations taken while loading on the carriage. 
  2. Shipping distance: The majority of Auto-Transport companies charge per mile. The closer the destination is, the less the price is as well. That varies depending on pickup and delivery locations.
  3. Location: if your shipping area is in high-demand, your price will probably be higher. That is due to competitive prices throughout the location. However, if your car comes from an area where shipping demand is lower, then you can expect to get a lower price. 
  4. Time of the year: As said before, shipping is also based on demand. That means that during seasons where car transportation is more requested, prices are going to be higher. Summer is the most demanded season for vehicle transportation, and you can expect to pay $100 or $200 more during other seasons.

Ship Your Car With AmeriFreight

Selecting the right company to transport your new vehicle from a dealership is a crucial step during the process. AmeriFreight has years of experience as an auto-transportation company, with thousands of happy customers all around the country. As a pioneer in the car shipping industry, AmeriFreight will offer you the best competitive prices, great customer service and multiple shipping options for you to meet your needs during and after receiving your car. Request a quote and begin shipping with us. We are excited to assist you.

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