Transporting Your Classic Car

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Shipping Your Classic Car: Is It Safe?

The automotive world is exciting for any car enthusiast. The idea of collecting vehicles from different brands and types is a labor of love, and takes time and money- especially when it comes to vintage cars. Classic cars, generally, are old automobiles from the period of 1919 to 1930, mainly used for exhibition, car contests and collection. 

Why are classic cars so appreciated?

For over a hundred years now, private cars have redefined modern society by fostering independence and freedom of transportability. Improvements in roads, transportation methods, jobs, and entire industries have developed to supply the needs of automobiles in society. Gasoline, petroleum, rubber and plastics were the main raw materials needed in order to improve car technology, contributing to worldwide advancements and evolution.

Classic cars gain value over time, generally due to rarity, special attributes, or raw performance. Because of this, these types of cars are a great way to boost and diversify an investment portfolio for automotive enthusiasts. Buying and taking care of vintage vehicles in almost all cases requires time, energy, effort, and money. But despite this, vintage cars lovers collect them for a multitude of reasons, such as preserving the past, the thrill, the quest or the hunt. Others acquire them to improve their status of wealth, while others simply do it as a hobby or for fun. It’s a passionate world that brings out satisfaction and joy. 

The vast majority of vintage vehicle enthusiasts spend a lot of time restoring and taking care of their vehicle to keep them in perfect and original condition. The process usually takes time, even years, in order to make them seem new again. Replacing missing parts that aren’t readily available anymore leads to a customized manufacturing process that can be both tedious and expensive. Overall, restoring a vintage vehicle requires time, money, but most importantly, passion and the love for doing it. 

Shipping Your Classic Car

If you’re part of the vintage vehicle enthusiast’s team, then this article is for you. We know how important it is to ship your car to different locations, and the amount of care it takes to transport it in perfect conditions. Thankfully, at AmeriFreight we are able to provide you with the best classic car shipping service supported by our professional team and years of experience in vintage vehicle transport. No matter the distance, we guarantee excellent classic car transport service across the country. Let’s see how it works!

About Classic Car Auto-Transport

Classic vehicle transport basically consists of shipping your vehicle in a hauler from point A to point B. There are different types of transportation services, whether open or enclosed, door-to-door, or port pickup and delivery. In this article we will recommend the best options for you and your classic car for a successful auto transport process.

How To Ship Your Classic Car

There are several steps you must consider before shipping your classic car, especially when it comes to transporting such a valuable piece. We know how you, as a car owner, have a sentimental connection with your car, and hiring a transportation company to ship your vehicle is something that should take you time in order to consider it. However, the following tips will help you have a stress-free shipping experience you will even enjoy and reconsider.

Choose your transportation company

There are thousands of auto transport companies out there, but only a few of them are actually certified and familiar with classic car shipment. Choose wisely and try researching for different options, requesting quotes and comparing. Base your decision on price, but also on professionalism, service and customer reviews. 

Select your shipping method

Depending on your auto transport company, there are several options that can allow you to improve your classic car shipment and protection. Try to consider the ones that include these type of services to make your experience the best:

Enclosed Auto Transport: This type of shipping method consists of taking your vehicle into an enclosed trailer that protects your car from damage along the route. In terms of costs, it’s the most expensive option, but for transporting a classic clar, undoubtedly is your best choice.

Door to Door Auto Transport: Consider door to door service when shipping your valuable classic vehicle. This method will allow you to receive your car at home or at your desired location. It’s a personalized service that allows you to be present during the loading and unloading process. 

Most auto transport companies include this type of service in the majority of towns and cities, however we recommend asking for this before requesting the service to avoid any misunderstandings. Take into account that this option is generally available for open auto transport, so in case you’re not looking to pay for enclosed auto transport, then this option is right for you.

These are the safest methods to transport classic cars, which might result in a bit more expense than the traditional ones, but will guarantee you a successful shipping experience. 

Request your service

Now that you’ve researched and selected your shipping company, planned your budget and chose your classic car shipping method, it’s time for you to request the service. 

Most auto transport companies have direct calling or website requesting methods. At AmeriFreight, we are available for you via phone call or website chatting with one of our agents. These are quick and easy methods that allow you to solicit our services within minutes. Immediately, you’ll get to decide your pickup and delivery dates based on availability, and you’ll be all set to transport your vintage car. 

Shipping with AmeriFreight, besides guaranteeing you an exceptional service and safety to your classic car, allows options to transport your vehicle via enclosed auto transport or door-to-door shipping in ideal conditions. Visit our website and learn more about our vintage vehicle shipping experience and services!

What if my vintage car doesn’t run but I need to ship it?

You don’t need to worry about this! At AmeriFreight, we have a professional team of experienced agents that can help you deal with this. Just notify us at the moment of requesting service and we will make sure that the driver in charge of your auto transport service has the proper information needed to load and unload your non-running classic car. It can include some additional costs, but guarantees your car’s safety. 

Always make sure that your preferred auto transport company includes this type of service before requesting the shipment. 

How much does shipping a classic automobile cost?

Costs are mostly based on the characteristics of your vehicle. Weight, dimensions, model, shipping options and total distance of your shipment are the main factors that affect your total price. Requesting quotes at your auto transport company is the best way to get an approximate price of your classic vehicle’s shipment. Remember that costs vary and are based on each of the items mentioned above. 

Getting ready for your shipping date

Before your loading process begins, there are a few things you have to do so your classic car arrives safely to your destination. Follow them wisely:

  1. Wash your classic car: Keep your car clean for shipping so you are able to notice any scratches or dents before or after transportation. This will help you identify them clearly and ask for insurance adjustments to cover repairs in case of any accident.
  2. Take pictures: Make sure you have a few pictures of your car’s condition before shipment. Take good quality photos from different angles in the inside and outside, so you are able to show them in case of any damage along the way. 
  3. Remove all valuable objects: Your vintage vehicle probably contains fragile, irreplaceable pieces in the inside or outside of it; that’s why we recommend you to take them off and keep them while shipping in order to prevent any loss or damage. 
  4. Deactivate car elements: By this, we mean to turn off any alarm on your vehicle, as well as toll devices, parking passes or any other kind of element that might get activated along the road. 
  5. Gas tank: Fill it up to ¼ of the capacity- that’s plenty enough for loading and unloading. 

Avoid this before shipping your classic car

  • Car insurance coverage forgotten: Always check your insurance coverage with your company before transporting your classic car. Vintage vehicle transportation requires a lot of care, so having your insurance up to date will help you avoid any additional costs in case of damage. 
  • No documents ready: This is a typical mistake before shipment, and it’s actually what will allow you to load your car successfully. Prepare your license, keys and the requested documents by your auto transport company so you are able to show at the moment of your vehicle’s pickup. 
  • Leave personal belongings in your vehicle: Check the inside of your vehicle before transportation, otherwise loose objects might get damaged and will not be covered by insurance. Besides that, if the items are heavy enough, they can potentially add weight to the hauler and even damage your vehicle or the entire carriage. 

Ship Your Classic Car With AmeriFreight 

AmeriFreight has years of experience in classic car transportation, ensuring you and your vehicle the most excellent service and experience along the journey. We make thousands of customers happy, and can’t wait to help you out with your vintage vehicle transportation while providing you transparency and safety throughout the whole process. 

Don’t hesitate to call or chat with one of our agents, they will help you out with personalized customer service from the moment you request your quote, until you get your car delivered.

Request a quote on our website or call us today! We are more than happy to help you transport your classic car wherever you want to.

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