Benefits of Owning an Electric Motorcycle

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Electric motorcycles were first invented back in 1890, when the first combustion engine motorcycle was created as well. However, electric motorcycles weren’t as popular as combustion motorcycles, since gasoline during those times was preferred by most car and motorcycle lovers. 

Nowadays, electric vehicles, machines, motorcycles, and anything related to the system, are turning out to be very popular due to many reasons. Probably in a decade or two, the world will be filled with electric vehicles and motorcycles. Wondering why? Let’s see!

What is the difference between an electric motorcycle and a gas motorcycle?

There are several reasons why electric and conventional motorcycles are different, primarily, based on the way they work. 

  • Speed: Gas motorcycles tend to be faster than electric motorcycles, however, electric ones are fast as well. Both of them are able to reach high speeds over 200MPH!

  • Emissions: Gas motorcycles tend to release a lot of combustion emissions to the outdoors, which, as you probably already know, it’s not good for the environment. On the other hand, electric motorcycles are much more environmentally friendly, since they don't emit any kind of greenhouse effects, exhaust emissions or fumes that produce pollution. For green-world lovers, this is the main reason for riding electric vehicles, bikes and motorcycles. 

  • Price: This is a debatable topic, since both of them can seem “affordable”. Why? Well, gas motorcycles are considered to be cheaper than electric motorcycles based on their final price. 

However, electric motorcycles result in cheaper power, since they only need to be recharged. Taking this into account, gasoline turns out to be more expensive for conventional motorcycles, which makes electric motorcycles a good choice in terms of money saving. 

  • Maintenance: Both, electric and gas motorcycles have to be well maintained frequently. Since electric bikes have a much more simple system, maintaining them tends to be easier, since there is no oil or cooling system in them like in conventional motorcycles.

  • Power and torque: Electric motors in bikes can achieve peak power from 0 RPM, which means that they are able to reach the highest speeds in a much faster way than a combustion motorcycle. 

Most popular electric motorcycle models:

  • Harley Davidson Live Wire 

  • Zero SR

  • Energica Eva EsseEsse 9

  • Damon HyperSport Pro

5 advantages of electric motorcycles

As you can see, there are several positive features of electric motorcycles that make them a great alternative for riding. Check the top 5 advantages of of owning an electric bike nowadays:

  1. Electric means cost-effective

Electric motorcycles are a great way to save money in case you’re planning to get one. Popular motorcycle manufacturers like Harley Davidson, have designed great electric bikes such as the Live Wire, which costs about $2.79 to charge the entire battery, with a drive range of 146 miles. Charging a full tank on an electric bike tends to cost less than a single gallon of gasoline, which in power and function aspects, is amazing for most motorcycle movers. 

Another great thing about this, is that there is a wide range of charging stations across the country, which makes it easier for electric riders to drive on new roads and large distances. 

  1. Environmentally Friendly

Electric powered bikes and vehicles can travel long or short distances without producing carbon and smog emissions to the outdoors. They are nowadays, the best alternative to ride without leaving a carbon footprint.

  1. Noise Reduction 

Traditional motorcycles tend to be much more noisy than electric ones. Silent motorcycles are also a way of contributing to the environment, while being more accessible to any area.

  1. Easy Daily Commuting 

These electric motor bikes are much more lightweight and practical to ride, since they are designed with a rechargeable battery that takes little charging time, are silent, quick to power on, and easier to park than conventional ones. 

  1. Easier to Maintain 

Maintaining a gas powered motorcycle can take quite some time, since the bike is designed with several pieces such as air filters, brake pads, oil, cooling systems, among others, that need to be inspected and maintained frequently so the motorcycle can run perfectly. 

Electric motorcycles have less of these features, making them easier to clean and maintain, while also saving some time and money!

Can electric motorcycles be shipped cross-country?

Sure they can! However, this depends on the auto transport company you choose. At AmeriFreight, we ship any kind of motorcycle or vehicle you want to any side of the country. The steps for doing it are pretty simple:

  1. Request your free quote on our website.

  2. Request a service with one of our customer service agents. 

  3. Select among several auto transport methods (door to door, open or enclosed).

  4. Schedule a date and time for your shipment. 

  5. Wait for your motorcycle to be picked up. 

  6. Check the conditions of your motorcycle during unloading and delivery. 

  7. Sign the final documents. 

  8. Drive your electric motorcycle on new roads!

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