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The state of North Dakota is a midwestern area in the United States, well known for its immigrant history, the eastern city of Fargo, honey production, cold winters and beautiful landscapes. North Dakota has numerous amazing places to visit in each city, and it's the perfect residential or business location for many locals and transplants. 

Since North Dakota is a calm state, with lesser population than most other states, and ranked number 4th as the least densely populated state in the country, a lot of people love to spend a large part of the year there. As such, these movers frequently request car shipping services in order to move their vehicles to or from North Dakota. 

Car Shipping in North Dakota 

As mentioned above, North Dakota is not a very populated state, but hundreds of people like to ship their vehicles to or from there by hiring a car shipping company. 

Top rated companies like AmeriFreight, guarantee a successful car shipping service, excellent customer service and many more benefits. We are car shipping experts and we have been shipping vehicles in North Dakota for years. We offer an amazing experience for you no matter your shipping location. Whether you’re planning a long-time stay or relocating to or from North Dakota, don’t think about it twice and transport your vehicle with AmeriFreight. 

Staying in North Dakota 

Having your car with you is crucial, especially if you’re planning to move to a new state such as North Dakota, or staying there for a long period of time. The fact that you’ll be able to drive to any place you want, while being comfortable and managing your own time, is priceless. 

Having a car in North Dakota is very demanding, since it's a state that has multiple small towns nearby larger cities such as West Fargo, or residential zones in the suburbs. As such, having a vehicle is the best transportation option there, since it allows you to move to different locations at your own time and pace. 

Other cities like New York City, have excellent public transportation methods that are preferred by most locals, since they are cheaper and faster. Taking the train or bus there is pretty easy, because of its high availability, as well as having multiple pickup spots for users. But, in states such as North Dakota, vehicle transportation is more necessary and preferred by residents. Therefore, car shipping services are highly requested. 

How much does it cost to ship a car in North Dakota?

North Dakota car shipping companies determine their final shipping costs depending on several variables. These factors will eventually add more or less depending on differing factors. 

Car shipping companies like AmeriFreight, base their final rates on the following conditions:

  • Pickup and delivery location in North Dakota (distance among them)
  • Vehicle’s features (size, dimensions, weight, model)
  • Shipping method (door-to-door transport, enclosed auto transport, open transport)
  • Time of the year (seasons, weather conditions, road conditions)
  • Route (High or low traffic routes)

You should consider that there is a direct relationship between factors and cost. As factors increase, such as distance, the cost to ship will increase as well. 

Am I able to request a free quote before hiring the service?

You are able to request a free quote with most auto transport companies in North Dakota. Car shipping experts like AmeriFreight, allow you to request a free quote and get exact estimates of what your total cost of shipping will be. You have to provide the following information on our online calculator in order to get the exact quote: 

  • Car pickup and delivery locations (Zip code, city, state)
  • Carrier type (open or enclosed)
  • Vehicle make, model and year
  • Vehicle type and running condition
  • Your personal details (Name, e-mail, phone number, and vehicle’s available date)

How does vehicle shipping in North Dakota work?

At AmeriFreight, requesting your car shipping service is a safe, easy, and reliable process that will allow you to transport your vehicle wherever you want. Go to our website and follow the next steps:

Request your free car shipping quote online

Our online free quote calculator allows you to get a better estimate of your shipping costs by providing some information about your vehicle’s features, pickup and delivery locations. 

Schedule your shipment with our expert team

Request your auto transport service in North Dakota with one of our agents. They will guide you through the whole auto shipping process with personalized customer service by phone or through our online chat. 

We will pick up your car and get ready to begin the journey

After choosing among different vehicle shipping methods and options (including door to door pickup and delivery or enclosed auto transport) on your scheduled date your vehicle will be loaded into a hauler, transported, and delivered to you. 

We will deliver your vehicle at your desired destination

The unloading process is pretty quick, and will allow you to check your vehicle in the inner and outside parts of it right before signing the final documents. Following that, your car will be officially delivered to you!

What are the most common routes for auto shipping in North Dakota?

There are several routes in North Dakota that are highly demanded by our truckers and carriers. 

  • Highway I-94, serving Williston, Mandan/Bismarck, Jamestown, Fargo and Moorhead.
  • Highway 2, for the highline, Bakken Formation and Minot.
  • I-29, main route to Grand Forks.

What is the Bill of Lading? Is it relevant to my auto shipping service?

The Bill of Lading is one of the most important documents for auto transport companies between carriers and clients. The document states any pre-existing damage on the vehicle before the pickup process, and helps customers claim in case of any possible damage along the way. The document is signed by the carrier and the client, serving as a record of the vehicle’s conditions during the entire shipping process until the vehicle is officially delivered to the owner.

How long does it take to ship my vehicle to or from North Dakota?

That mainly depends on the distance of your shipment. Generally, at AmeriFreight, our shipping processes take between 2 days and a week. Road conditions, weather, distance, car carrier availability, shipping method (open air or enclosed transport), among other features on car shipping services will determine the time your car will take to be delivered.

AmeriFreight, a Favorite for Car Movers

Our excellent team of agents and drivers will make your North Dakota car shipping experience the best it can be. 

We offer:

  1. Competitive and affordable shipping costs 
  2. Personalized customer service 
  3. Top rated agents and drivers 
  4. Amazing customer reviews
  5. Happy and returning customers
  6. Discounts for our clients 

Request a quote today! We are more than happy to assist you.

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