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New York and Georgia have a whole lot of differences—geography, culture, cuisine, weather. But they do have one thing in common: both are beautiful places to begin your new life. If you’re moving from Georgia to the Big Apple, you’ll enjoy one of the cultural capitals of the world, home to Broadway, the Met, and the Guggenheim. Its hallowed boroughs gifted us such world-renowned talents as Mary J Blige, Barbra Streisand, and Robert De Niro. Snowy winters in Manhattan are postcard-perfect, and the Times Square Ball Drop helps us ring in every new year. Some 900 miles down the coast, the Peach State is the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr. and Jimmy Carter, both winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, so you’ll certainly be in great company if you’re moving from New York to Georgia. Newcomers will be astounded by aggressive displays of hospitality and delighted with the cuisine which is as hearty as its inhabitants.

Whether you’re shipping a car from New York to Georgia, or Georgia to New York, here’s what you can expect with AmeriFreight auto transport services:

  • Approximate distance: 900 miles
  • Estimated transit time: 1 – 3 days
  • Expedited shipping available

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Choose your shipping service


With AmeriFreight’s door-to-door car transport services, you get the convenience of your car picked up and delivered from and to your doorstep. This is the easiest and quickest way to ship a car from NY to Georgia and vice versa.


We offer expedited auto transport services for when you need your car delivered as soon as possible. Our expedited car shipping services cost extra, but we’ll get your vehicle to you in record time. Our expedited vehicle delivery services are super fast and always reliable; we never compromise any of our strict safety procedures.

Next, choose how your car will travel

Open auto transport

Our open car transport services are the most common transport method we offer. Open transport is safe and affordable, and our expert drivers always treat your vehicle with the utmost care. We recommend our open transport services for the majority of cars, especially those with a value of less than $50,000. For open transport, your vehicle must have a ground clearance that is greater than four inches.

Enclosed auto transport

Our enclosed auto transport option is for your prized luxury or classic car. We understand that you want extra assurance that your rare or expensive vehicle is delivered with optimal care, which is why we offer fully enclosed trailers that protect your car from the elements, dirt, and debris. This is our more expensive car shipping service, but it’s the best way to guarantee a safe journey.

How we work

Fast, easy, and affordable car shipping all starts with a free quote from AmeriFreight. We work with superior carriers across the country to ensure the absolute best services for your car. We’ll compare quotes from various carriers side by side so you can choose the best auto transport rates for you. After selecting your carrier, it’s time to book your shipping service. Then, sit back and relax with easy tracking along the route.

How do you benefit from AmeriFreight’s auto shipping processes?

  • Free quotes – We help you compare quotes from the best shipping companies around the country.
  • Transparent pricing – We tell you upfront what your vehicle transport will cost. No surprise fees or cost add-ons later on.
  • Vehicle delivery – We get your car to your destination as fast as possible, following the strictest safety regulations. We inspect your vehicle before and after delivery, to ensure we’re delivering it to you in the same state as it was when we picked it up.
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Customers are glad they chose AmeriFreight

AmeriFreight is one of the most highly rated companies in the auto transport industry. We have received thousands of reviews from customers across many review websites.

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Car shipping rates

AmeriFreight can ship a car between New York to Georgia quicker than other companies and for better rates, too. We keep our costs down while still prioritizing the safety of your vehicle and our drivers.

Your car shipping cost depends on:

  • Distance – You pay less the further you go. Our in-state car transport costs $3/mile, and our coast-to-coast delivery services are as low as 50¢/mile.
  • Vehicle size – It costs more to transport larger vehicles than it does smaller vehicles.
  • Vehicle weight – Since carriers are restricted to carrying a maximum weight, heavier vehicles cost more to transport, to compensate for higher shipping costs.
  • Vehicle condition – Vehicles needing forklifts or winches during loading and unloading will cost more.
  • Vehicle type – Some vehicles are more difficult to transport than others, especially if they require special care, such as a convertible.
  • Time frame – If you need your vehicle shipped within a particular time frame, you may need to pay expedited shipping rates.
  • Open or enclosed – Closed transport costs 80% more than open transport.
  • Penalty fees – While it’s technically not allowed to keep personal items in your car’s trunk during transport if you leave more than 100 lbs of personal items, you may be subjected to a penalty fee.
  • Gap protection – Gap protection covers your vehicle for damage incurred during transport, loading, or unloading, for up to 48 hours after it is delivered.
  • Weather – Shipping rates are lower in the winter than in the summer, unless a particular area is prone to bad weather conditions, like snowstorms, tornadoes, or hurricanes.
  • Gas prices – Your shipping rate will fluctuate with gas prices.

AmeriFreight offers a free online rate calculator so you can get started now with your auto transport quote. Just follow these three steps:

  • Select your route – On the rate calculator, chose your origin, destination, and vehicle type. Then hit submit.
  • Calculate – Get your free transport cost estimate.
  • Contact us – Give us a call at (770) 486-1010 for your quote confirmation.

How to get your car ready for shipping

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A note about insurance

Carriers cover all cars shipped with AmeriFreight for damage or loss incurred during transportation. However, for any damage that happens during parking, storage, loading, or unloading, the carrier doesn’t provide coverage. If you want coverage for damage or loss that occurs during parking, storage, loading, or unloading, you can purchase our AFta gap coverage plan. This plan is a supplementary plan that can be added on to your mandatory private car insurance. AFta will cover your deductible up to $2,000.

Getting your vehicle ready

As you’re preparing to ship your vehicle, make sure to take the following steps:

  • Check that your gas tank is ¼ full.
  • Clean the inside and outside of your car.
  • Ensure all fluids are at proper levels.
  • Let your transporter know about any leaking fluids.
  • Make sure that your battery is charged and your tires have adequate pressure levels.
  • Take high-resolution photos at the beginning and end of transport.
  • Take out all ornaments, including racks, antennas, and spoilers.
  • Remove toll tags, and EZ passes from windshields.
  • Take out all of your personal items.
  • Leave a spare tire and a jack for the transporter.

The AmeriFreight advantage

By trusting AmeriFreight to ship your car from Georgia to New York, you are choosing one of the best vehicle transport companies in the industry.

Keep reading to learn more about why car shipping with AmeriFreight is the best option.

Nationwide door-to-door

We transport your car directly from point A to point B, whether it’s a residential or commercial location. With a direct door-to-door vehicle shipping service anywhere in the US, you get greater convenience at a lower price.

AFta Gap Coverage

Your carrier automatically provides basic cargo insurance for any damages or loss that happens during transport. This insurance doesn’t cover damage that occurs during loading, unloading, parking, or storage, which is why we offer AFta gap coverage as well. This works in addition to the basic carrier insurance and covers up to $2,000 of your private car insurance deductible.

Gap Coverage

AmeriFreight is one of the only car moving companies that cover damage reported up to 48 hours after delivery of your vehicle. This makes sure that you have coverage for any damage missed during inspection upon delivery.

Highly rated

We are proud not only to be rated by our customers as one of the best car transport companies in the country but also for our Better Business Bureau accreditation.

Enterprise and transporter customers

We mostly work with private customers, but we also extend our services to those with commercial needs.


Our enterprise customers can benefit from the same reliable auto transport services that we offer to our private customers. Suppose you are with an organization with customers who need vehicle transport services. In that case, you can outsource your shipping to us, joining our extensive network of customers including dealerships, car clubs, and auctions who require our fast, affordable, and reliable car transport services. If you are an enterprise client, you will enjoy your own dedicated AmeriFreight agent who will take care of every detail of your account, from customer service to shipping requirements.


Our transport carrier clients rely on us to help them complete their routes as quickly and safely as possible. We offer both part and full-service options that include financial management, truck dispatch, and administrative services. One of the greatest benefits for our transporters is that we make sure their trailers are loaded to maximum capacity so that they can make the most out of each transport.