How much does it cost to ship a car?

The right quote is not always entirely predictable. That is a simple truth. The cost ranges from around $495 to $1,300 on average to ship a sedan in running condition on an open carrier. Factors that may affect the cost include the distance, vehicle’s status as operable or non-operable, size and weight, weather. Another consideration is how soon you want it shipped and how quickly you need it delivered. Distance: We arrange car shipping from point-to-point, and the distance is the most significant factor in your rate. Vehicle Condition: Auto shipping usually requires the ability to drive the car onto the transport. Inoperable vehicles, ones that do not run normally, require a specially equipped transporter. The transport of vehicles not in running condition can be accomplished usually with a small rate factor. Size & Weight: Most transporters can carry most vehicles on the road. A standard or compact car transport is not an issue, but very large or tall vehicles (some vans) may be an issue. Also, heavy vehicles may require special care in loading and mounting. It is also the case that vehicle weight impacts transport costs, especially fuel, so this is also in the car shipping rate. Weather: Weather may cause delays due to road closures or re-routing. Snowstorms close highways, and if known, there may be a different rate calculation. Weather is nobody’s fault, but when shipping cars, the costs do depend upon the ability to travel without issue. Pickup & Delivery: Obviously, the transports will do their best to arrive on time. Sometimes there are schedules to be met that cause conflicts. We have an excellent record transporting cars during the holidays. Given the distance to travel, expected road conditions, and your schedule the rate can be calculated. We can accommodate a “rushed” shipment, but be aware it will affect your rate. Also, be mindful that this is a complex task where even the greatest car shipping experts can encounter unforeseen delays. Diligence requires patience, care, and your car will arrive safe and sound. We know of the conditions that meet your needs and will be happy to explain them – no obligation, so you cannot go wrong by asking. If you want to do some online price estimations, then try our auto shipping rate calculator.