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What is AmeriFreight Direct?

AmeriFreight Direct is simply moving vehicles for everyday customers who are not themselves a carrier or a business needing repeated auto-shipments. For many of our customers, they have never shipped a vehicle before, and this may be their only time. We strive to make sure educating our customers is of the highest importance as very few have much experience. AmeriFreight aims to make sure consumer auto transport goes smoothly, and you know the process from beginning to end.

By choosing AmeriFreight Direct, you are basically transporting your vehicle to someone else on the other side of the city, state, or even the country. The ‘owner-to-customer’ transfer is compulsory, and the owner must be an individual. For example, you may be the owner of a vehicle and the customer, the buyer, a relative on the other side, an enterprise, or even you, yourself! By this definition, the only requirement for direct logistics is that there must always be someone at the destination point to receive the vehicle.

More Consumer Auto Transport Options

This is different from AmeriFreight Enterprise. With AmeriFreight Enterprise, we have an ongoing relationship with a client who frequently needs vehicles shipped. This may be a dealership selling cars over the Internet, a corporation relocating assets between locations, or a car club needing vehicles moved to shows. Usually, AmeriFreight Enterprise clients are long-term relationships, while AmeriFreight Direct may be a one-time deal.

In addition, there is AmeriFreight Carrier – where a transport company outsources its dispatching services to AmeriFreight. In this case, AmeriFreight is loading the vehicles for carriers and handling the paperwork.

Be sure to give us a call BEFORE you make a final decision on a consumer auto transport company.

When choosing a transporter for your direct logistics needs, you need to make sure they are compatible with you and vice versa. You should look at reviews before you make a decision for any vehicle transport company. After all, it’s about your most prized possession; YOUR CAR.

Apart from the reviews, you can also call the car transport company to get a feel for the people you’ll be working with. Visiting each auto shipping company is not feasible, so a call will do. You can learn a lot by simply calling and talking to the representatives about your order. The more they try to ‘sell’ you and ‘agree’ with everything you’re saying, the more likely it is that something’s not right.

We recommend that you not make any decision without due diligence or proper research as it can lead to a lot of problems for you during or post-shipping. Try asking about what the insurance covers and what it doesn’t cover. The more thorough an answer you receive, the more trustworthy the company is.

AmeriFreight offers consumer auto transport services for any vehicle, including motor vehicles, motorcycles, trailers, boats, and RV’s. If it has wheels, we can move it. AmeriFreight offers shipments throughout the United States including Alaska and Hawaii.

Car Shipping Discounts for AmeriFreight Direct

Additionally, we offer discounts to our military, first responders, students, and senior citizens.

We understand that moving can be a tiresome, troubling, and stressful task – which is why we endeavor to make things as easy for you as possible by being with you throughout the shipping process, even though we’re an auto shipping broker, not a carrier. The goal is to give you one of the best possible moving experiences whether it’s your first time or a common occurrence. Our goal is to set industry standards by offering the best service anyone has seen from any vehicle moving company out there.

The discounts we offer play a major role in helping us accomplish that goal. From making sure customers find the best deals on our website all the way to not compromising on quality, we go the extra mile in order to represent who we are.

Visit our Discounts page for more details on what you can save on AmeriFreight Direct.

Do Your Research

As mentioned above, you should conduct extensive research before you make any decision on your preferred vehicle shipping company. We recommend you give us a call to learn more about us and see how we operate as well.

We invite anyone to research online and compare us to any other consumer auto transport service. AmeriFreight takes pride in being the only company that will offer consumers a full line of service guarantees. We encourage you to visit our BBB page, look at our Google reviews, or Transport Reviews (a trusted review board of brokers in our industry). You will see how we have satisfied thousands of customers by going above and beyond typical customer service.

Our pride in service is backed up by our resolve to give you the best possible prices out there, and therefore, we suggest that you let us know if you can find any other company that offers prices lower than ours, at the same level of service.

When researching, make sure you find a customer-oriented vehicle shipping company in the US, and one that caters to the general public as well, i.e., offers Direct Logistics. Companies such as AmeriFreight are tailored to offer direct logistics at the most cost-effective rates since we have thousands of vetted carriers for direct logistics.

Also, look at the Department of Transportation (DoT) info when researching for the most suitable shipping company for you.

You can check our DoT info here. For more information about shipping your vehicle, visit our Auto Shipping Guide.


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